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Changing Lives for Just $1 per Brick

We started our first school under a tree in the yard of our Ugandan Executive Director, Mukhobeh Moses Khaukha nearly 9 years ago.  The first class had 189 students and one brave and dedicated volunteer teacher along with other volunteers who assisted her and prepared the daily meal of posho and beans.  Since then, we have expanded each year, building on as we go so that these children do not have to drop out.  We are now building our second year of high school classrooms, and have nearly 1,000 students(most have been saved from a life of child labor and early marriage) enrolled between our elementary/middle school and high school!  We also employ over 50 Ugandan Staff, providing vital jobs for those in the community!


This year is no different.  We will need to complete a new set of Secondary 3 classrooms by January in order for the current class to move forward.  This is where you come in!


The average cost is $1 per brick, which includes other expenses needed during the building process.  You can donate right here..because brick by precious brick, we are dedicated to fulfilling our promise to see this through until all the students earn their high school diplomas.  


Click here to donate, and buy as many bricks as you can!  

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