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Emergency Food Distribution Underway

The complexity of International Covid-19 shut downs is creating hunger, fear, and panic in the village.  The nearly 900 children who attend our school usually get what is often their only meal each day at our school. This meal is no longer available during the mandatory shut down.

We have been granted permission to do a limited emergency food distribution program for the time being to help stave off starvation and death.  This expense is not in our budget, so we need help!  This program will provide weekly rations to each child in our school program in the form of maize flour and as long as possible..beans.  Without this, kids who are already malnourished will wither away, and we are honestly only days away from starvation for many.

Donate by clicking the red donate button above.  $5 per month will cover one child.  We are doing our best to be wise, not spread disease, and help with basic needs during this crisis.

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