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Emergency Seed Distribution

Nearly every family in the village is a peasant farmer.  This means that they do not have employment, but rather grow their own food and live off of the land.  Sadly, Covid-19 hit at planting time before most had secured their seeds.  To keep this virus contained, there is no public transportation.  Additionally, the prices of seeds are skyrocketing due to this crisis, so even if a family could go get the seeds they are too expensive to buy.

We are ready to help!  We need donated funds to help subsidize the cost of these seeds.  Our organization has the ability to bulk buy seeds and have them transported to the village.  We can then distribute the seeds in time for planting.

If families do not plant now, famine will be imminent.  It's that simple.  You don't plant, you don't harvest, you don't eat.  

Help us get the seeds to the village before we run out of time.  Any amount is appreciated!  Click the red donate button and write seeds in the notes.  

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