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Perspective and Pandemic

As I sit in my home, watching the Covid-19 numbers rise along with the fury of those in the USA, who feel our rights are being violated by the shut downs, I feel conflicted and somehow a bit annoyed at our whining and crying. Trust me, I am among those who whine about not having the conveniences I am used to, and I don't want to come across as a hypocrite! I admit, I give into the frustrations and wonder if we really need to be shut down to this extent.

And then this...

Our Executive Director on the ground in Uganda shares with me several stories from the village. This grandmother walked two and a half hours (one way) to see our Director, Moses, to plead with him to help her. These two precious children lost their father, and their mother remarried. The new husband told the mother she cannot keep the children. The children were sent to grandmother who is also a widow and now together they are starving and suffering. Can you imagine being this desperate that on an empty belly you would walk two and a half hours to try to find a stranger you only heard of who might be able to help you? This is the hope that our program provides to so many in this area. And sadly, we are such a small organization we simply do not have the ability to help everyone in need no matter how devastating the circumstances. So, I sit here with tears in my eyes and a sickness about how my biggest choice today is whether to make chimichangas or pork chops for dinner.

I do feel the need to clarify..

I am not saying that we do not need to stand up for the rights that make America what it is. And, I know that there are people around me in way worse situations due to this shut down than my family is in. I am not negating any of the realities we face, but for me.. and I can only speak for me, I am feeling a call to shift my perspective. A call to be grateful no matter what, and to help those who are far more devastating circumstances. A call to consume less, and give more. A call to be hope to those around me here and abroad.

Thank you, Moses, for sharing this story with me today and for encouraging me in ways you probably had no idea your were doing. It's easy to get discouraged and depressed, sitting in my home unable to travel to Uganda, unable to work one of my jobs due to it being closed for the shut down, unable to be with the friends and people I love. It's easy to let my emotions create the perfect landing place for a "funk". But, there is hope..and I was meant to live for so much more than a pity party.

And my prayer is for the Lord Jesus to help me to use this time to be HIS hands and feet. To reach out to those who are in greater need. To be willing to sacrifice something to alleviate suffering for another. To be hope to a suffering world.

Moses and Jenn

Please pray for Mukhobeh Moses Khaukua as he navigates these difficult situations and has to make decisions we would never want him to have to make. Lord, provide funding for situations such as these to be given with discretion as You lead.

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