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Cold muddy feet hinder learning

It's time to build something sustainable. When we first started this Christian elementary school in Uganda over 9 years ago, we started with what we could...mud structures. These buildings were meant to be temporary and have run their lifespan. We have added several better buildings over the years, but these remaining structures have to be replaced. While looking at re-opening this school after the Covid-19 shut down, we realize that we will need to build something better to meet the new guidelines for social distancing. It's time. Let's build sustainable buildings, with concrete floors and windows that open and close to keep the rain out or let the breeze in! Let's give teachers a place they are proud to teach in. Let's give kids a school they can breathe in!

So how bad can it be? Ahhh..I don't even want to show you how bad it has become over the years. This started out as a decent, but very basic school. Now, it is falling apart, filling with water when it rains, creating a muddy and damp mess. I can almost not even look at it without cringing. But, I have to keep reminding myself that even though the structures are now spoiling..the kids are still thriving! We are producing some of the top scoring students in the country out of this crumbling school! They deserve so much better. Let's give it to them. Let's do this for the kids, the teachers, the community! Can you imagine trying to teach or to learn with your feet in the mud?

The first thing we are raising money for right now is for 3 new classrooms. We need many more, as we have over 700 kids in elementary school! But, we have to start somewhere...and a 3 classroom block is where we begin. We have also included in this fundraiser a new pit latrine (toilet) building to replace one that needs to be demolished. Our goal this round is $27,000. We continue to look for larger partners to come along side us to help us make this campus safe and if you have any connections or ideas, we are interested!

Walls are crumbling.

We are very proud of the new buildings we were able to build for our high school campus this past year, and we would love the same style of buildings on this elementary campus! The windows are so much bigger, allowing natural light to brighten the classrooms. The floors are concrete, preventing jiggers and mud. The rooms are larger, providing more room to breathe and learn. The ceilings are higher, so the heat rises allowing students to feel more comfortable. No more mold, mildew, mud. This is the way it should be, safe.

Just look at those smiles! Though still very basic, these rooms are built to last. What a difference this will make for these children and for the teachers!

Join us? Just $1 puts a brick on these new buildings. Brick by precious brick, we can change this campus and make it into something we can all be proud of. A place where kids can dream of better futures and feel loved and cared for while learning.

To donate, go to our go fund me site or simply donate through our website. The links are below!


Thank you for loving these kids and for helping us. We are honestly looking to partner with organizations who might be able to help us get these campuses up to a higher standard faster. If you have any ideas, or any connections please do let us know.

Jenn Anderson

Hands of Action International

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